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Scott Carrigan Baseball 6U Rules

(REVISED 01/29/17):



DUGOUTS: Manager, 2 coaches, rostered players and a team MOM may be in the dugout.

 All rostered players will be presented in a complete batting order, and that list will be
presented to the umpire at the start of the game (if applicable). Any team with less than 7 batters will take an out
each time the 7th batter is scheduled to bat. Each player will be allowed 5 swing and misses from either the tee or off a coaches pitch. The player will be out on the 5th swing and miss, unlimited foul balls on the last swing. A strike shall be called if the
bat hit the tee without hitting the ball, (Balls and strikes are treated the same as regular Cal Ripken
Baseball rules). A batted ball that does not reach the 25’ line marked in front of home plate and is not
fielded by a defensive player is considered a dead ball and considered a foul ball. If a defensive player
touches a batted ball before it crosses the 25’ line and before the umpire (iff applicable) declares the ball dead, it
becomes a live ball. Umpires/Coaches will set the Tee for the batters and assist with Tee when necessary.
Coaches may position player in the batter box. 

FIELDING: A fourth outfielder will be allowed defensively. There shall be ten (10) players on the defense.
Play ends when lead runner is stopped and the umpire calls time out. The pitcher does not have to make
a pitching motion before batter swings at ball.

SCORING: When any team’s sixth run of any inning is scored, the inning shall be considered over, even if
the team batting has less than 3 outs assigned against them.

GAME LENGTH: Six innings (5 ½ if the home team is ahead) and no new inning will begin after play has
lasted sixty minutes. Local- If a team has not batted through the lineup when game is regulation or
terminated, They will be allowed to bat the players that have not batted. When they bat the game will
be over.

CONTINUOUS BATTING ORDER: In a local league play, continuous batting order is required, which
means each rostered player is in the batting order. This permits free substitution on defense. In the
event a player is hurt or absent, his bat can be skipped without penalty, provided the minimum number
of batters is present. When a batter is skipped without penalty, his manager must notify the umpire
(and hence the opposing team). A skipped batter must wait until his next at bat to bat. The manager is
required to put all rostered players on the official lineup given to the umpire and may denote any absent
players at the time.

STEALING: Stealing will not be permitted and all base runners must remain in contact with the base until
the ball is hit.

OVERTHROWS: 1 base on an overthrow.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER/COACHES POSITION: A maximum of six (6) players including the catcher are allowed
to play in the infield. Two defensive coaches will be allowed on the field. Coaches must be positioned
and remain in foul territory at least 15’ beyond first and third base. If any coach attempts to intimidate,
coerce or otherwise negatively affect the opposing team, they will be removed from the field/game at
the umpire’s discretion. An offensive coach Is permitted in the area of home plate, position to be
determined by the umpire in charge. Pitchers are required to have at least one foot on the pitchers
rubber until the ball is hit.

TIME OUT REQUEST: In accordance with the rules of baseball, time out is requested by a coach/player,
and then granted by the umpire, at the umpire’s discretion. Before a timeout shall be granted to the
defensive team in a live ball situation, the defense must cause the offense to cease play (I.e. force the
base runner(s) into a non-advancing situation) at the umpire’s discretion, play may be stopped if in the
judgment of the umpire there is an injury to a player. He would then award runner/ batter bases
accordingly and to the best of his judgment.

PARTICIPATION: Any player who arrives late to a game may be entered into the lineup as long as he/she
is on the official team roaster

Home team: Home team is responsible for concessions.  If home team does not have concession stand staffed, the game will be called as a forfeit and the away team will be awarded a 6-0 win. Home team is in the 1st base dugout unless specified otherwise at the plate meeting.